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Paid Sick Time (PST) Policy

In accordance with the Earned Paid Sick Time provision of the Fair Wages and Healthy Families
Act all employees of The Temp Connection will accrue one hour of earned paid sick time for
every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours per year.

Accrual of PST: Accrual begins upon hire. Employees are entitled to accrue and use 1 hour of
sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 40 hours per year. Unused paid sick
time will be carried over to the following year subject to the 40 hour use limitations.

PST begins accruing upon hire however, employees must complete a 90-day probationary period
before the employee is allowed to use any accrued PST.

Terms of Use: Earned paid sick time may be used for the following purposes: (1) medical
care or mental or physical illness, injury or health condition, and need for medical diagnosis,
care, or treatment of a mental or physical illness, injury or health condition, and need for
preventive medical care; or (2) a public health emergency; and (3) absence due to domestic
violence, sexual violence, abuse or stalking. Employees may use earned paid sick time for
themselves or family members, which includes: spouses, registered domestic partners, children
(regardless of age), parents (including stepparents and parents-in-law), grandparents, siblings, or
any other individual whose relationship with the employee is equal to a familial relationship.

Notice To Use PST: Employees must notify The Temp Connection prior to the employee’s
normal start time that they are requesting to use their earned PST and the expected duration of
the use (when possible). Employees must make a reasonable effort to schedule the use of
earned paid sick time in a manner that does not unduly disrupt the business operations.
Notification for foreseeable and unforeseeable paid sick time use must be done in one of these
ways in order to use the earned PST: 1) Via email notice (timecards@thetempconnection.com);
2) clicking the “Paid Sick Time Request” link on our website: www.thetempconnection.com; 3)
by calling our office.

When PST is taken for 3 or more consecutive workdays, The Temp Connection may request
reasonable documentation to validate that an employee is using it for a permitted purpose.

Employees are not entitled to be paid for any accrued, unused PST upon leaving employment,
whether as the result of a voluntary or involuntary termination. However, an employee
reinstated within 9 months of discharge is entitled to have all accrued and unused PST

To the extent not inconsistent with Arizona law, the foregoing is subject to change by The Temp Connection at any time and should not be considered an employment contract or guaranty of future employment, and all employment with The Temp Connection is on an at-will basis.


The staff is super responsive and helpful.

Brad N
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The Temp Connection is WONDERFUL!!! Tina and the team are so great and helped me find my career.
Thank you temp connection!!

Emily Bushika
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The staff at the Temp Connection are real and genuinely caring people.

Jeffery Greene
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All the people at The Temp Connection are friendly and professional. The hiring process was easy and they found me employment within a day

Petricia Miller
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Everyone was very professional and polite

Treasure Martinez
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