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Work Is Hectic.
Getting Help Doesn’t Have To Be.

Some of our clients’ main reasons for working with us include:

      • Ability to easily change size of workforce based on project load
      • Access to more candidates
      • Less time looking; fill positions quickly
      • Opportunity to gauge the fit before hiring

Here are the top services we offer that will allow you to meet
demand and respond to business opportunities:


Short-term employees can help your business work smarter, more efficiently and more effectively without the cost and effort of recruiting and hiring staff and adding them to your payroll.  We assign qualified employees to work on-site under your supervision while remaining our employees and on our payroll.  That saves you the cost of hiring, firing, payroll taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation and benefits.

This service allows you to adjust your workforce to meet your changing needs.


Still on our payroll, you can take the time to assess an assigned employee’s skills, productivity, performance and cultural fit within your organization before making a commitment to hire.  When the right fit is found, the assigned employee becomes a member of your team; if not, we will continue to help you find the right employee.

This service is ideal if you have a permanent position to fill, you lack the time to recruit, and you want to gauge the fit before hiring.


We assist your company through the entire recruiting, screening and acceptance process; then the employee is brought on directly as a full-time member of your company.

This service allows the company to offer its perks and benefits immediately which may help attract and secure top-performing candidates for high-skilled positions.

Payroll Service

You identify the talent to work on-site with you and under your supervision, while we serve as the employer of record (pay wages, remit payroll taxes, provide workers’ compensation and liability).

This service works well if you want to eliminate the need for on-boarding while minimizing liability concerns.  Since you have already done the recruiting, you save money.


The staff is super responsive and helpful.

Brad N
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The Temp Connection is WONDERFUL!!! Tina and the team are so great and helped me find my career.
Thank you temp connection!!

Emily Bushika
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The staff at the Temp Connection are real and genuinely caring people.

Jeffery Greene
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All the people at The Temp Connection are friendly and professional. The hiring process was easy and they found me employment within a day

Petricia Miller
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Everyone was very professional and polite

Treasure Martinez
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