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In 1993 when we opened our doors, we had no emails, no cell phones, no internet…  Today, we have WiFi; Zoom; texts; Google…  Our ways of communicating may have changed; but what hasn’t changed is:

      •  our dedication to delivering flexible workforce solutions to our clients; and
      •  our desire to help job seekers get noticed and land positions that match their qualifications.

Our doors are open and our phones are on…

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Whose Risk Is It?  Understanding our responsibility for assigned employees.

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Jennifer Delaney

Operations Manager/

Curious about the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?

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Why Staffing?  It’s good for employees, for businesses, and the economy.

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The staff is super responsive and helpful.

Brad N
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The Temp Connection is WONDERFUL!!! Tina and the team are so great and helped me find my career.
Thank you temp connection!!

Emily Bushika
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The staff at the Temp Connection are real and genuinely caring people.

Jeffery Greene
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All the people at The Temp Connection are friendly and professional. The hiring process was easy and they found me employment within a day

Petricia Miller
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Everyone was very professional and polite

Treasure Martinez
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